LEARNING: Christian ministry necessitates the acquisition of knowledge in broad areas of thoughts and life, both within and beyond the Christian heritage. Through Biblical, historical, theological, psychological, sociological, and ministerial studies the student learns how better to understand God in relation to persons, persons in relation to God, and of persons before God in relation to each other.

LIVING: Ministry is the work of the total person; therefore, WORLD TRINITY UNIVERSITY seeks to aid the student to grow in Christian wholeness. The goal is the development of stable, secure individuals who can live life in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

LOVING: Personal commitment to serve Jesus Christ as Lord is necessary for all Christian ministry. Learning contributes to one IS maturity in all aspects of Christian commitment. As a person knows more about Jesus he or she will love Him more and serve Him more effectively.


II Timothy 2:23 - "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, this same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."

The Degree Programs

WORLD TRINITY UNIVERSITY presently conducts external programs with specific residence requirements: self-disciplined and mentorship study in correspondence. In addition, ATS is developing traditional residence programs at its campus in New Jersey.

The non-traditional correspondence degree program at the New Jersey campus meets the education needs of hundreds of students who cannot pursue traditional residence programs because of their jobs, family obligations, places of service, financial limitations and other reasons. This program allows these students to pursue their degrees in a distance education format while continuing their ministry and life in their present setting. This distance education program does require most students to complete two residence seminars head office in New Jersey.

In addition, a traditional residence degree program is currently being developed for the head office in New Jersey.

Application Procedure

To apply for admission to WORLD TRINITY UNIVERSITY :

  • By telephone or fax Telephone : 02.988.4417
  • Mobile phone : 010.9799.9329
  • Fax : 02.985.2251
  • By e-mail seminary21@naver.com