Academic Calendar

Student Classifications:

  • Undergraduate Students: Those students enrolled in the Bachelor degree program.
  • Graduate Students: Those students holding a previously earned college degree and working toward a graduate degree.
  • Special Students: Those taking courses of their own choosing for credit but not following a regular course of study.
  • Auditors: Those attending classes but not taking examinations or receiving credit.
  • Full Time Students: Those external students maintaining a pace of 24 semester hours per year.

Academic Calendar

Courses are conducted on the semester hour system.

External Program

External program students may enroll at any time during the academic year.

  • Spring Seminar
  • Summer Seminar
  • Fall Seminar
  • Winter Seminar

All Students are urged to attend the graduation ceremony to receive their diploma/degrees. Graduation is held each year during the month of June.

Residence Program

External program students may enroll at any time during the academic year.

  • Registration
  • Classes begin
  • Graduation

Admission Policies

Application for admission World Trinity University will be considered without regard to race, color, sex, handicap, national or ethnic origin. The prospective student is assessed according to academic background, moral, character, and personal Christian commitment.
In the considering applications, the Office of Admissions reviews the perspective student1s school record, the recommendations and personal information. World Trinity University reserves the right to refuse admission to any student prospective student.