Financial Information

Financial information

The cost of tuition covers only a portion of the student's education and therefore California Oxford University School of Theology depends upon generous giving of its supporters to make up the difference. In our endeavor to keep the costs as low as possible the following fees have been set.

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Level per Credit Hour 3 hours course 150.00 Dollars
Master Level per Credit Hour 3 hours course 210.00 Dollars
Doctoral Level per Credit Hour 3 hours course 360.00 Dollars
Graduation Fee Official Transcript / Document Fee
First copy
Additional Copies

Any fee listed in this catalog is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of World Trinity University. As much advance notice as possible will be given, but the tuition and fee is may be changed without prior notification, However, upon the initial enrollment a student's tuition rate will not be increased over the term of the students continuous enrollment in his/her degree program.

Financial Assistance

Certain limited scholarship funds are available. These aids are granted to students on the basis of need and availability of funds. Students desiring financial assistance should submit a tuition assistance form to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee. These forms may be obtained from the Business Office. All student financial aid and scholarship programs are coordinated by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee.

Following are some scholarships which have been established:

  • International Evangelism Association Scholarship
  • Presidents
  • Alumni
  • Academic
  • Active Foreign Missionary Tuition Scholarship
  • Music Student
  • Senior Citizen Tuition Scholarship
  • Spousal Tuition

Financial Planning

All registration and tuition fees are due and payable at the time of registration.

Deferred Payment Plan

It is preferable for all tuition and fees to be paid at the time of registration. If this is not possible a deferred payment plan is available, This program provides a way to defer payment of up to 50% of the College and Seminar, bill. It is necessary to pay at least 50% at this time of registration with the balance paid in three equal payments. These payments are due on the 15th of each month for three months.

Refund Policy

The tuition and fees are refunded as scheduled below. Written notification of withdrawal must be submitted to the business office by the times shown.

  • Correspondence Students: During the first 30 days following the date the student receives the letter of acceptance, the student may receive and 80% refund on tuition and fees.
    After a period of 30 days, there will be no refund. Postage costs will not be refunded.
  • Resident Students: During the first week of classes 100%
    During the second week of classes 75%
    During the third week of classes 50%
    After the third week of classes No Refund