Master of Theology Program

The Master of Theology degree program provides the opportunity to acquier specialized knowledge in a chosen field of theological study and to gain and used the skills necessary for scholastic works and research in theology: on an advanced level. As a post-graduate degree, applicants for admission must have completed the Master of Divinity or its equivalent. This program assumes a certain degree of competence in the various fields of theology. Therefore, through the program an attempt is made both to integrate and to intensify the student's theological knowledge. This is accomplished through a greater use of bibliographical resources, methods and tools of scholarly research, and logical and critical writing.

  • Requirement for Admission: A student will select a major from one of the four fields of study: Biblical Studies, Historical and Missions, Systematic Theology, and Pastoral Theology. Possess a Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from and approved University with a cummulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. Have demonstrated an ability to do original research with Biblical languages,
  • Requirements for graduation: In addition to the general graduation requirements a student must have completed the following: 32 semester hours with at least 28 of these hours completed at California Oxford University of Theology. Maintained a cumulative grade point average 3.0 or above. Satisfactorily passed the comprehensive examination covering the major field and completed the thesis.


NT014Biblical Hermeneutics 2
NT010Greek I 2
ST112The Christian Mind 2
PT152Theological Bibliography 2
OT011Hebrew I 2
NT012Greek II 2
PT261Counseling Orientation 2
OT012Hebrew II 2
NT113New Testament Interpretation 2
CH112The Ancient Church 2
OT013Hebrew III 2
NT023Greek III 2
OT211Historical Books 2
NT211Gospels 2
NT311General Epistles and Revelation 2
ST311Doctrine of the Holy Spirit 2
OT324Prophetical Books 2
NT224Acts and pauline Epistles 2
ST233Doctrine of Christ 2
ST324The Christian Life 2
TM101Dissertation 6